orestis-oreos said: こんにちは!^_^私はオテスティスで、十五才です。このブログが好きです!私は一年半間日本語を勉強しています。 Hey, sorry if what I say doesn't make sense, I'm not quite an expert yet at the language :) just thought I'd leave a kind message saying that I like this blog. Thank you for making it, it really helps beginners like me ^-^ さようなら!


You’re very welcome! Thank you for your message! (*´ω`*)

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— Judith Hanson Lasater

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wutangshotaclan said: Let me start by saying that your blog has left me in tears and that I love it more than a lot of things that I love (one of them is my cover photo on facebook (笑) ) あと、あのバレンタインデーのポストで、あなたが「シコる」を書きましたが、その意味は何ですか。(゜レ゜)

Oh, wow, thank you so much. :) Glad you like the blog so much!


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katrinebear said: Could you perhaps help me? I want to know how to write 'never let the fear win' or 'never let your/the fear decide your fate' Thank you, your blog is amazing

I think you already did a pretty good job typing it in English.

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daburuwosagase said: About a year ago, a senpai of mine introduced me to this blog. I've been browsing this blog periodically ever since, and it never fails to make me smile. あの野郎がこのブログを本物だと思うんだ。ある時、アイツが先生の休憩室で「ちゃんとおしっこしちゃった」を書いたwwwおもしろすぎるだった、笑いを図るありがとうございました。I don't get much practice writing, so I hope this is understandable.

Oh, thank you so much! It really makes me happy when people say just how much they enjoy it! うわー、恥ずかしい!(大笑)先生の反応は?(*´艸`*)

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mintyblog said: あのアノンは「うんこが出ない」タトゥーを入れる方がいいんだ ( • ε •)


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anticheesecake said: Hi dear!! Is youe translation of "this too shall pass" super accurate? Because I wanna get it as a tattoo :)

Tattoos are pretty permanent things, though…!

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